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Volunteer with Brazilian orphan

Here’s what former volunteers had to say about their trips:

What a great experience. I was very impressed with the professional approach that eMi took to the client. I found there was a great balance between emphasizing spiritual growth, socializing and work. I look forward to going again!

“eMi is a strong witness to our home churches about willingness to serve others.”

“I enjoyed working with and encouraging the interns to step out & design on their own rather than dictating ideas to them to just draft. I think it's an awesome time for them to learn their profession and be creative while serving others”

“The entire trip experience was very rewarding. I particularly appreciated spending time in fellowship with the other believers that volunteered and who are on the eMi staff.”

“Getting to know the hosts and spending down time with them… is life changing and allows time for ministry, friendships, prayer etc. to be sown.”

“We were well prepared with information before and during the trip.

"It really dawned on me that construction industry professionals could be used as a good tool in God's hand for the furtherance of Lord's Kingdom"

"I always thought in order to be of any 'use' to mankind to do these things, you should be a doctor or a nurse or a Mother Theresa, one of incredible faith and courage...not a native Alberta boy, U of A, SAIT grad-turned-land surveyor. As I have discovered over the last few years, eMi is very well organized and the safety of their full-time staff and volunteers is of paramount importance, wherever in the world they may be."

A volunteer wrote an article in a surveying technical journal about his surveying experiences in Haiti. Read it on page 20 of this newsletter.

And their project leaders:

“It was well organized, we were able to step right in and do what we came to do. Great leadership.”

“his maturity and professional approach was inclusive of all the team, including the less experienced members”

“Great relational skills, skilled design manager, has a heart for the Lord. Great!”


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