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Ride for Refuge

Thank you sponsors!

Sponsor a rider!

This year, our riders will RIDE to help design a secondary school in Rwanda . They will RIDE to help design a world of hope and build the capacity of ministries throughout the developing world. Thank you for sponsoring them!


Braden Swab - 25 K - Calgary
Hilary McGuire - 5 K - Calgary
Terence Ma - 25 K - Waterloo
Kevin Wiens - 25 K - Kamloops
Jessica Yee - 5 K - Montreal

More riders to be added soon!


TEAM EMI Calgary
Team EMI Waterloo
Wheels of Steel - Kamloops
Team EMI Montreal

More teams coming soon!

Don't see a team in a location near you? Email for more information on becoming a captain of your own team!

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