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  Project Profile
  Haiti (Jérémie)

Medical Clinic
Friends for Health in Haiti (FHH)
eMi AL Project 7091

March 18-27, 2011

Project Status
March 2013: Construction complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Stephen Pratt - eMiAL intern
Leah Markey - architect
Kendra Johanson - architect
Michael Young - structural engineer
Kevin Steely - civil engineer
Steve DeLory - electrical engineer

Site Survey Rendering Elevations Site Visit Perc Test Office with a view

Pouring Cement Top of Bridge New Bridge Building Formwork for Storage Depot Storage Roof Ready to be Poured Perc Test Office with a view

Construction Video

(from Friends for Health in Haiti)

Media & Ministry Reports

Buidling for the Future
Friends for Health in Haiti News (June 19, 2012)

Haiti, Haiti, Haiti . . .
Wiens Wanderings (May/June 2011)

Original Project Scope
Dr. Catherine Wolf, Founder and Executive Director of Friends for Health in Haiti, Inc. FFH) was a missionary physician in Haiti from 1982-1987 and from 1990-1994.  The love for Jesus and the Haitian people has given both Catherine and her longtime friend Cherlie Severe, RN (born and raised in Jérémie, Haiti) a far-reaching vision:  to develop a medical facility that provides primary health care to people of all ages, maternity services including emergency obstetric care, and community education and preventive care.

The site of this medical facility is Gatineau, a mountain community outside the town of Jérémie, located at the far western end of the southern peninsula of Haiti. In the area surrounding the FHH clinic property the average walking distance to a health center is three to eight hours.  The majority of the roads in this area are accessible only by four-wheel drive, and many communities can only be reached by foot path.  The city of Jérémie has the only hospital in the department and during rainy season the rivers make access to the hospital impossible for many of the department’s residents.

To address these critical needs, FHH is currently using small house for a clinic twice a week in the mountain community of Gatineau, but the facility is limited. To serve the 45,000-50,000 Haitian men, women, and children in the immediate catchment area (over 140,000 in the secondary area) to the glory of God, FHH needs an advanced community-based primary and preventative clinic and maternity care center.

The Primary and Preventative Clinic will include outpatient examination rooms, laboratory/ radiology/ pharmacy and storage. Future projects include a maternity center and living quarters for short- and long-term staff. This EMI team will focus on the facility master plan and the design and construction documents for the Primary and Preventive Care Clinic. The site has no electricity and will be powered by a generator/battery/inverter system and possible solar or wind generation. The water for the project will be served by a local spring.

The goal for this team is the completion of the construction documents while in country, which may require a preliminary clinic design to be completed remotely with Dr. Wolf.

This project is run in partnership with the eMi américa latina office.


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