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  Project Profile
  Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Ministry Centre
Ratanak International
eMiC Project 10049

February 4-15, 2016

Project Status
June 2016: Design Completed

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC project leader
Braden Swab - eMiC project co-lead
Taylor Norris - eMiC intern
Scott Stober - architect
Chris Hardrick - civil
Jim Lange - structural
Graham Miller - electrical
Seo Yun Yang - interior design


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Media & Ministry Reports

Patience, More Patience
Tailoring a Mission (February 21, 2016)

A New Home, A New Life
The Youngs Journey (January 26, 2016)

Original Project Scope
Ratanak has been providing compassion in post-genocide Cambodia for 25 years with a diverse collection of medical, agricultural and literacy programs, along with a particular focus on one of the most disadvantaged and traumatized segments of Cambodian society – young women trafficked and sold into the sex trade. 

Ratanak provides a live-in reintegration home for older girls exiting situations of exploitation and a short-term assessment centre for youth being repatriated back to Cambodia after having been trafficked internationally. The reintegration process is challenging after such trauma and there is need to expand the program into a new and secure home to provide educational, job skills and life skills leading to independent and stable lives. The new Ministry Centre will serve as a "Home Base" from which Ratanak's work at the forefront of the human trafficking issue in Cambodia can grow.

The Centre will immediately be put into service as a reintegration home for the RAP program (Ratanak Achievement Program) for those who are escaping a life of abuse and transitioning into normal and independent living.  It will provide living accommodations and repatriation services for young women in transition, as well as the associated administrative, counselling, and program offices.   

Will you join us in designing a stable and reliable home for vulnerable youth who have survived human trafficking?


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