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  Project Profile
  Uganda (Kampala/Mukono)

Survey Practicum 2014
Kyambogo University
Uganda Christian University
eMiC Project 10045

June 11 - September 1, 2014 (see schedule)

Project Team:
Patrick Cochrane
Bob Smith
Ben Craig
Matthew Horton
Ludagm Martin
Duane Wetmore

  • Media & Ministry Reports

    Survey Mentoring Program - Uganda 2014
    Cochrane Blog (2014)

    Original Project Scope
    For the third year running, eMi is partnering with Kyambogo University to deliver a Survey Practicum to Ugandan Geomatics Engineering students as part of their Industrial Training course requirement. 

    This surveying practicum allows Ugandan students - well versed in the theory of geomatics - to build competency and confidence in the application of this theory. Students are provided with hands-on practice using a variety of survey equipment and with mentoring by a small team of eMi surveyors.

    The program includes time on campus, learning software and equipment, as well as time in the field completing a topographic survey for an upcoming eMi project.

    This year, EMI is also partnering with Uganda Christian University to deliver a two week Survey Practicum for their 3rd year Civil/Environmental Engineering students.  This Survey Practicum will compliment a theory course already delivered to these students.

    Throughout the training, the eMi team will not only have an opportunity to enhance the technical capabilities of developing world design professionals, but also to provide guidance in standards and ethical practices, building capacity for a world of hope.

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