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  Project Profile
  Haiti (Port-au-Prince)

House of Love Renovation & Expansion
Nelly's House
eMiC Project 10027

May 31 - June 11, 2012

Project Status
January 2013: Design complete.

Project Team
Steve Ulrich - eMiC team leader
Nicole Halstead - eMiC intern
Yumi Nakajima - eMiC intern
Suellen Maia - architect
Craig Cole - structural
Brian Klauk - civil
Liz Daugherty - drafting/interior design

Design Proposal new building plan proposed building sectiondiscussing new building planscalculating design forcesarchitects working on design

Original Project Scope
The 2010 earthquake in Haiti left many homeless. There are those who are able to repair or rebuild their home, however, there are still hundreds of thousands struggling to fend for themselves in Port-au Prince's dangerous streets, not having proper shelter or adequate provision for their daily needs.

Unlike many of the earthquake victims, the Wagnac family's home in Port-au- Prince did not incur any damages. Moved by the fact that there were so many in need, the Wagnac's offered their family home as a shelter, especially for the homeless elderly, and House of Love was born.

The purpose of House of Love is to provide comfortable living conditions and dignified care for seniors who are homeless and in need. They minister to both the physical and spiritual needs of the residents by providing a clean and safe home, nutritious meals, basic personal needs and medical care in a Christ-focused environment.

House of Love currently has eight elderly residents. It is their goal to increase the number of seniors they can serve, as well as remedying accessibility concerns.  They believe in preserving the dignity of the residents, empowering them to care for themselves as much as possible.

House of Love is one of only a few group homes in Port-au-Prince that exists solely to serve the elderly who are poor. They want to serve as a model
institution that provides dignified care to those who have been marginalized in society. Will you join the team to design a facility that reflects honor and respect for those who cannot help themselves?


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