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  Project Profile
  Haiti (Grand-Goâve)

Church Reconstruction
Heart to Heart Haiti
eMiC Project 10024 (linked with eMiC Project 10026)

September 11 - 18, 2011

Project Status:
October 2011: Design underway

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Dirk Anderson - eMi US staff architect
Taylor Elze - eMiC intern
Brian Kozy - structural engineer
Jaimee Schmidt - civil engineer
Patrick Cochrane - civil tech
Kyle Kondo - drafter

Handdrawings Steel Roof InsideHand Sketch Inspecting DamageDiscussing DesignDiscussing Design

Media & Ministry Reports

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Manitoba Christian On Line (October 18, 2011)

Local engineer-in-training uses skills to help Haitians
Brandon Sun (October 8, 2011)

ASTTBC Member Helps Design a World of Hope in Haiti
ASTT (September 26, 2011)

The Tale of a Two-Headed Design Team
Association of Christian Design Professionals (September 2011)

Original Project Scope
The Heart to Heart church in Grand-Goâve ministers to a growing church body and is actively involved in evangelism as well as teaching and equipping church members for ministry. Their beautiful church building was ruined by the Haiti earthquake, and they have a vision to restore the church, and in doing so restore the people’s faith and courage again to overcome difficulties like the earthquake. The damaged church needs to be torn down before a new building can be built, and Heart to Heart needs solid advice on how to move forward.

The original church was a massive building, large enough to hold hundreds of people with upstairs classrooms. It was used in many ways by the entire community: weddings, funerals, marches, gatherings, town meetings, sleeping for the homeless, a refuge for many. It brings comfort to hundreds each week as they currently gather outside the walls and pray every morning for it to rise again out of rubble.

It gives people strength to see the church re-built and it won't stand as a daily reminder of the earthquake and the destruction it brought to the Haitian people. Will you be part of the answer to their prayers?

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