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  Project Profile
  El Salvador (Quezaltepeque)

Christian Children's Center
The Father's Heart Foundation (Un Neuva Vida)
eMiC Project 10011

September 25th - October 5th, 2009

Project Status
March 2012: Construction underway.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Leana Hearn - eMiC intern
Simon Ho- eMiC intern
Alice Findler - architect
Ric Pipkin - civil engineer
Kyle Blaquiere - structural engineer
Brad Tilson - electrical engineer
Nathan Martin - architectural drafter
Joel Haugh - surveyor
Sharon Pipkin
Michele Wiens


Master Plan Family Housing Layout Family Housing PreviewInspecting building materials Brick Construction Devotions on Site


Media & Ministry Reports

The Father's Heart Foundation

Simon Ho, a third-year civil engineering student . . .
University of Waterloo Daily Bulletin (November 1, 2009)

Master Plan ~ eMi Visit
The Father's Heart Foundation Newsletter (October 2009)

An amazing team for El Salvador
Wiens Wanderings (October/November 2009)

Original Project Scope
Un Nueva Vida ("A New Life") has a vision to establish a Christian Children's Center where orphaned and abandoned children will be placed into family groups and be led to the Father-heart of God. There are over 350 000 orphaned and abandoned children in this small nation that is recovering from a brutal civil war, natural disasters and the daily devastation brought by poverty, gangs, a cycle of domestic abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. Un Nueva Vida hopes to bring restoration to El Salvador through the El Salvadoran church by training up the next generation of Christian leaders, labourers and families.

The 9 acre piece of unserviced land will house a multipurpose /admin building including a gymnasium/sanctuary, administrative offices, a clinic, a board room, storage, and a large partionable study hall; a guest house for teams and short term missionaries; family units designed to grow with the children from infancy to young adulthood; and agricultural land to help promote self-sufficiency.

In order to establish Una Nueva Vida's Children's Center and to change a generation, Una Nueva Vida needs a thoughtfully designed center that will be flexible enough to meet today and tomorrow's needs. Will you join the team?


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