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  Project Profile
  Uganda (Kampala)

Connect Africa Ministry Centre
Connect Africa
eMiC Project 10008

February 6-17, 2009

Project Status
June 2009: Design complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Michael Fryer - eMiC intern
Martin Cain - architect
Ulla Vicktor - architect
Gary Lockwood - civil engineer
Darryl Anderson - surveyor


Phase 1 Agricultural Hand Drawing School RenderingSite Office Brick Construction Devotions on Site


Media & Ministry Reports

Engineering a better world for the poor
Calgary Herald (March 1, 2009)

Trips, trips, trips . . .
Wiens Wanderings (March/April 2009)

Original Project Scope
Connect Africa is a ministry reaching out to Uganda's remote refugee camps in the north. These camps of “internally displaced” people have fled their homes due to civil unrest in the area in recent years. Many lack employment, medical services, and clean water. Connect Africa is looking to develop a ministry center in the much more stable area of Kampala so that the ministry can have a base to effectively reach out to these other areas in practical ways, while also presenting the gospel.

Connect Africa has recently purchased 20 acres of empty rural land and is looking to develop it as a ministry center and hub for their operations. Some of the land uses on the site will include:

  • conference centre and dormitories
  • workshop and teaching facilities
  • facilities for repairing sound equipment, building biosand filters, and teaching health care workers
  • center of operations for evangelistic rallies
  • facilities to raise livestock and crops

For the 10 days in-country, the eMi team will investigate the site, meet with the ministry, learn local building practices, perform a topographical survey, and analyze the soil and drainage. Some of the challenges of the site include: undeveloped water source, site not accessible to electrical grid, and rolling hills on the site. The eMi team will work with the ministry to develop a master plan for the site, produce construction drawings for the initial buildings, and design water, wastewater and electrical infrastructure.

This ministry has a God-sized vision for this land and eMi has accepted the challenge to help. Will you accept this opportunity to be part of this team?

To learn more about this ministry, check out their website at connectafrica.us.

More general information for volunteers can be found here.


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