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  Project Profile
  Cambodia (Phnom Penh)

Transition House
Place of Rescue
eMiC Project 10006

May 30 - June 7, 2009

Project Status
September 2011: Construction complete.

Project Team
Greg Young - eMiC team leader
Brian Young - eMiC intern
Edward Leung - architect
Ernesto Rocha - architect
Leon Plett - structural
May Leung

Web Album


Media & Ministry Reports

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Association of Christian Design Professionals (August 2011)

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Now That's Progress (Winter 2011)

House of New Dreams
Place of Rescue Newsletter (January 2011)

Place of Rescue Transition Home
The Youngs' eMi Journey (June 23, 2009)

Original Project Scope
Place of Rescue is home to more than 100 orphans in Cambodia. To further provide for their needs, Place of Rescue desires to build a transition house to provide a safe, stable home environment for older orphans transitioning from the orphanage to independence. As the older orphans grow up and leave Place of Rescue, they need a place to live while pursuing education and vocational training.

For more information about Place of Rescue, check out their website at placeofrescue.com.

Help Place of Rescue provide this next step in discipling older orphans and preparing them to contribute to Cambodian society.


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