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  Project Profile
  Democratic Republic
of the Congo (Kinshasa)

Elikia Village Project
Elikia Village
eMiC Project 10005

September 18 - 29, 2008

Project Status
January 2009: design complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Bum Joo Yang - eMiC intern
Elizabeth Boyd - urban planner
Austin Fredricks - architectural student
Colin Tomsett - architectural student
Tom Butler - structural
Ric Pipkin - civil
David DeGroot - electrical / surveyor
Alvin Ho - electrical
Akachi Kanu - construction management
Lucy Butler

Topo Master Plan Overlay School RenderingSite Visit Team at Work Final Presentation

Intern Video

Media & Ministry Reports

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The Baptist Times (February 26, 2009)

How can a westerner design sensitively for a third world community?
Diploma in Architecture Thesis Dissertation (January 2009)

Challenges in Congo
eMiC ~ Connected (Christmas 2008)

Airdrie engineer helps restore hope in Congo
Airdrie Echo (October 8, 2008)

Kevin in Kinshasa
Wiens Wanderings (October/November 2008)

Status: September 2008
Elikia Children's Village Blog (September 2008)

Original Project Scope
Orphans and widows are the forgotten ones, and there are thousands of orphans in Kinshasa alone. The Elikia Village project hopes to introduce a new family model into the care of these poorest of the poor. They also hope to affect the surrounding community with its school and medical clinic.

The heart and soul of this project is to rebuild families after decades of conflict and war, to put orphans in families and to see lives grow and prosper with hope and a future.

The project is to build children's villages in the Congo, giving hope and a future to the thousands of children left orphaned by AIDS and war.

The Elikia Village project has purchased land big enough for a small village and plans to construct individual houses that will be home for a selected widow or destitute Congolese woman and six to eight orphans. These will become their "families for life" bringing security, love, and above all hope.

Aside from the homes, there will also be a school for 400 children, medical clinic and community centre to help facilitate development and education. By giving a hand up and laying the village foundation, the goal is to see the Elikia Village become self sustaining. With the right tools and inspiration this is very possible.

Check out the the Elikia Village Project Website and see an Elikia Village Project Virtual 360 of the site of the future village. This image shows the site from Google maps. Join the eMi team to help touch the lives of the lonely and forgotten in Congo, rebuilding families and giving them hope for the future.


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