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  Project Profile
  Niger (Danja)

Danja Fistula Center (Surgical Clinic)
Worldwide Fistula Fund / Danja SIM Hospital
Maradi, Niger
eMiC Project 10003

May 20th - June 3rd, 2008

Project Status
February 2011: Construction Complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Landon Holbrook - eMiC intern
Mark Hicks - architect
Pemila Tam - civil engineer
Jim Cathey - electrical engineer
John Ong - drafter
Michele Wiens
Mary Ann Cathey

Architectural Rendering of Design 3-D Model Composite Floor LayoutDesign Team at WorkArchitect at Work Prayer of Dediction for the land
Digging the Foundation Pouring the Foundation Foundation of Fistula Clinic
Steel Trusses OR Final Wall Fistula Centre

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Original Project Scope
Worldwide Fistula Fund (WFF) and the SIM Danja hospital near Maradi, Niger are partnering to build the Danja Fistula Center, a surgical clinic to meet the incredible need for fistula surgery in this region of West Africa.

Fistula occurs through childbirth injuries and is ruining the lives of women all over Africa. The mission of WFF is to promote excellent, ethical whole-person care for women with obstetric fistulas in a Christian environment.

The Center will be set up on the same rural property as an existing SIM hospital that specializes in leprosy care. It will include a surgical center with an operating room and patient ward, a simple patient hostel, staff housing, and a guesthouse for short-term volunteers.

The existing SIM hospital is uniquely suited to complement this vision since they have provided long-term care, rehabilitation, and social reintegration services to leprosy patients for the past 50 years. The needs of leprosy patients overlap significantly with those of women with fistula and it will be easy to adapt current programs of rehabilitation and ministry to this new patient population.

eMi will be working with these organizations to further define their vision in terms of buildings and infrastructure for this facility. Our team will investigate and survey the site. This will assist the team in preparing a site master plan and the design of site access as well as the water / wastewater infrastructure. We will prepare building concepts and floor plans for the clinic and out buildings and provide detailed structural and infrastructure design. The eMi team will draw on previous eMi experience from a design of a fistula clinic in Nigeria several years ago.

Volunteers participating on this project trip will see and experience first-hand the local Niger culture in this Sahara desert region for the 10 days we are in the country.

Country Map / Google Map

Come join this EMI team as we partner with WFF to envision the future and design the first buildings for this clinic. Visit the WFF website to learn more about fistula. Visit the SIM website for more information on Niger and their ministry at Danja hospital.


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