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  Project Profile
  Haiti (Faugasse)

Mount Zion Prayer Center
Doorway to Peace
eMiC Project 10001

June 2nd - 11th, 2008

Project Status
October 2009: Design complete.

Project Team
Steve Ulrich - eMiC team leader
Angela Mok - eMiC intern
Scott Magnuson - architect
Daniel Richardson - civil
John Just - electrical/mechanical
Joseph Boggs - surveyor
Steve Higgins - surveyor
Barb Ulrich

Model Sketch Up Model Phasing PlanTeam on Site Team at Work Prayer Time in Haiti


Media & Ministry Reports

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eMiC ~ Connected (Fall 2008)

Mt. Zion Prayer Center
Doorway to Peace Haiti (Fall 2008)

Bringing Hope to Haiti (page 3)
eMi 2007 Annual Report (Summer 2008)

Original Project Scope

"Faugasse is known as a place of spiritual strongholds, particularly the practice of voodoo. Haiti can never be reached in a true sense with the gospel of Jesus Christ until prayer saturates the villages, towns, cities and the nation. The desire of DTP is for the Mount Zion Prayer Center to be a place where people from all over the nation of Haiti will come to pray, as well as intercessors from other nations who have a heart for Haiti's deliverance. We already have a team of local intercessors who meet regularly. Our vision is for this team to increase and develop to include intercessors from all over Haiti who will go out into the villages and towns prayer walking and mapping to identify spiritual strongholds. Our vision is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14. The underlining principle in terms of vision is to bring the various denominations and churches together to bring the nation of Haiti to truly know Christ.

The Mount Zion Prayer Center hill is one of the tallest points northeast of Les Cayes and its view of the Les Cayes plain is probably better than many of its taller neighbors. Les Cayes is located in an approximately round basin plain approximately 15 miles in diameter and is ringed by mountains and hills. From the Mount Zion Hill, one can see the City of Les Cayes, its bay, the entire plain, and the surrounding wall of mountains. It is a prayer mountain that has a strategic view of the entire region."

The prayer center is to be able to accommodate 300 to 500 people for prayer, conferences and workshops. There will be accommodations for approximately 50 people to stay for overnight prayer meetings and staff family living quarters to oversee the center's daily operations.

This will be the second project EMI has partnered with Doorway to Peace. Please consider joining this team to build a house of prayer in a country with great spiritual darkness.


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