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  Project Profile
  Philippines (Mindoro)

Medical Clinic & School
Mission of Hope
Mindoro, Philippines
eMiC Project 5436

October 5 - 14, 2007

Project Status
April 2009: Design complete. Construction complete.

Project Team
Kevin Wiens - eMiC team leader
Gary MacPhee - eMi US team leader
Hae-min Jeon - eMiC intern
Young-eun Kim - eMiC intern
Ian Pringle - eMi US intern
Renae Brossman- architect
Ben Benjamin - structural engineer

Utility Plan Baby House Rendering Architect's Rendering Site Office The Mangyan People Final Presentation
Clinic Construction


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Wiens Wanderings (October/ November 2007)

Original Project Scope
Five tribes surround the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Illiteracy, poverty, and disease are a normal part of life for the Mangayan tribes. Most Mangayans have never attended school and they don't have access to medical help. Through a new school and clinic, Mission of Hope plans to accomplish exactly what their name implies - a mission of bringing hope by serving the critical unmet needs of these tribal people, and introducing them to the true hope and love of Christ at the same time.

The sites for the facilities are small - about 400 square meters and 500 square meters for the clinic and school respectively. We'll need to wisely plan for how to fit the program needs onto the land and we'll need a team of designers who can work creatively together to solve the puzzle that this will present.


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