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eMi Canada's Past Projects

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BRAZIL (Joao Pessoa) 2006 Boy's Home
BRAZIL (Recife) 2006 Boy's Home & Camp
BURUNDI (Bujumbura) 2010 Seminary
BURUNDI (Gitega) 2011
Widow's Vocational Training Centre
CAMBODIA (Phnom Penh) 2016 Ministry Centre
CAMBODIA (Phnom Penh) 2009 Transition House
CENTRAL ASIA 2007 International School
COLOMBIA (Medellin) 2012 Library Drainage
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Villa Altagracia) 2011 Retreat Centre
DR CONGO (Boma) 2013 School of Theology Phase II
DR CONGO (Boma) 2008 School of Theology
DR CONGO (Bunia) 2014 Campus Development
DR CONGO (Goma) 2010 Multi-Use Ministry Complex
DR CONGO (Kinshasa) 2008 Children's Village
ECUADOR (Nanegalito) 2013 Youth Camp Phase II
ECUADOR (Pijal) 2014 "New Jerusalem" Church
EL SALVADOR (Quezaltepeque) 2009 Children's Centre
ETHIOPIA (Arbu Chulule) 2009 Community Development
ETHIOPIA (Durame) 2010 School of Missions
GHANA (Carpenter) 2014 Hospital
GHANA (La-Accra) 2011 Child & Maternal Hospital
GUATEMALA (Tactic) 2015 Orphanage
HAITI (Bon Repos) 2010 Church, School & Health Centre
HAITI (Croix des Bouquets) 2013 Orphanage
HAITI (Faugasse) 2008 Prayer Centre
HAITI (Grand-Go‚ve) 2014 Church & Conference Centre
HAITI (Grand-Goâve) 2011 Church Reconstruction
HAITI (Grand-Goâve) 2011 Children's Village
HAITI (Grand-Goâve) 2011 Technical School Campus
HAITI (Gressier) 2009 Orphanage
HAITI (Jérémie) 2011 Medical Clinic
HAITI (Marotte) 2015 Children's Centre
HAITI (Mirebalais) 2011
HAITI (Petitionville) 2007 Orphanage
HAITI (Port-au-Prince) 2012 Group Home Expansion
HAITI (Port Salut) 2013 Vocational Training Centre INDIA (Hatigahr) 2014 School & Home for Children
INDIA (Patna) 2011 Ministry Training Centre
INDIA (Patna) 2011 Ministry Centre
KENYA (Lodwar) 2012 Agricultural Project Survey
KENYA (Kisumu) 2013 Harvest Miracle Centre
KENYA (Nyangina) 2010 Village Development
LIBERIA (Monrovia) 2006 Ministry Centre
MALAWI (Thondwe) 2015 Bible School & Conference Centre
MEXICO (Rosarito) 2016 Outreach Centre
MYANMAR 2014 Mission College Campus
NIGER (Danja) 2008 Surgical Clinic
NIGER (Galmi) 2011 Hospital Redevelopment Phase II
NIGER (Galmi) 2007 Hospital Redevelopment
NIGER (Niamey) 2011 School Master Plan
NIGERIA (Benin City) 2016 Infrastructure Development
PHILIPPINES (Mindoro) 2007 School & Medical Clinic
PHILIPPINES (Sampaloc) 2007 Children's Home
RWANDA (Kigali) 2008 Centre for Peace & Reconciliation
RWANDA (Kigali) 2012 Ministry Centre
RWANDA (Kigali) 2008 Orphanage
SOUTH SUDAN (Malakal) 2009 Orphanage
SOUTHEAST ASIA 2009 Orphanage & Sustainable Agriculture
TANZANIA (Mlandizi) 2012 Orphanage
TANZANIA (Tabora) 2012 Student Centre
UGANDA (Kampala) 2009 Ministry Centre
UGANDA (Kampala/Mukono) 2016 Survey Practicum
UGANDA (Kampala/Mukono) 2015 Survey Practicum
UGANDA (Kampala/Mukono) 2014 Survey Practicum 2014
UGANDA (Kampala) 2013 Geomatics Industrial Training Program 2013
UGANDA (Kampala) 2012 Geomatics Industrial Training Program
UGANDA (Mukono) 2007 Senior Citizen's Health Centre & Hospice
UGANDA (Njeru) 2015 Children's Home
ZAMBIA (Ndola) 2006 Poultry Centre

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