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An eMiC intern working on a design in Haiti

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider an Internship at eMi Canada?
So often, engineering and architecture skills seem to do nothing but help the rich get richer. But all of us have skills that can be used to serve God and serve the poor. For those with engineering or architectural abilities, an internship with eMi Canada is a great way to do just that, while at the same time gaining valuable experience and actually joining a project team to a developing country.

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Who can apply?
We're looking for students or graduates in the fields of engineering and architecture. Students must have completed their 3rd year by the time of their internship. Intern requirements.

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Do I have to be Canadian?
No - eMi Canada accepts interns from around the world. While many of our interns are Canadian, we've also had interns from the US and from as far away as Korea.

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Can I intern at a different office?
Yes - students from Canada are welcome to apply for internship positions at any of our partner offices. A full list of offices and positions is available here. Please note that costs and duration vary between offices.

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Will I be paid?
No. Designers serve with eMi Canada on a purely volunteer basis. Each intern, staff and volunteer is asked to raise support from friends and family to cover the cost of expenses. This is a great way to get even more people involved in missions. Don't worry if it sounds challenging. We will guide you through the process.

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What is Calgary like and where would I be living?
Calgary is a city of 1 million people located in western Canada, one hour east of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. You will have the opportunity to do some of the many exciting outdoor activities in and around Calgary, like hiking, skiing, biking, caving or kayaking. Our office is located in a quiet area 10 minutes from downtown, near the university. From the office, there are good direct transit routes to downtown, shopping, and probably to the place where you will be living. Most interns live in the "intern house" or with families in the area, though some interns prefer to arrange their own accomodations.

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What is working in the office like?
Daily working hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Interns fill just about every conceivable role in addition to working within their field of study. Your primary task, though, is to produce the final report for the project you participate in. A majority of the office work is architecture / engineering related, so interns spend much of their time designing and working in AutoCAD. Technical guidance will come from the staff and volunteers who go on your project trip. The project leader for your trip will be your primary technical guide for work in the developing world.

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What about when I am not working?
Tubing down the Bow River, going to a hockey or football game, hiking or skiing in Kananaskis or Banff, barbeques with the staff, joining a local college Bible study, biking on the endless trails along the river, or just hanging out with the other interns or staff can fill your non-work hours.

You're also strongly encouraged to volunteer in a local ministry. The options are limitless, but have included volunteering at a soup kitchen, serving on the worship team of a local church, helping out at a seniors centre, or volunteering at a Christmas Shoebox processing centre.

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How much will it cost me?
Costs vary, depending on the length of your internship, your project trip destination, and your accomodations, but most interns to the eMi Canada office can expect to need to raise $6,000-$9,500. See available positions for cost estimates by office. These costs include tuition, travel expenses for your project trip, and room and board, but not immunizations, passport, visa, or travel to and from Calgary. You will receive a budget estimate during the application process.

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What are the deadlines?

For a spring internship (January to April), applications are due in the first week of September.

For a summer internship (mid May to mid August), applications are due by the third week of January.

For a fall internship (mid-August to mid-December), applications are due by the third week of March.

See our available positions for exact dates.

While we encourage you to submit your application as early as possible, occasionally, applications can be accepted past these deadlines. Please contact us if the deadline for your preferred internship has already passed.

How do I apply?
Glad you asked! Simply download the application package. These documents can be submitted electronically to

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What if I still have questions?
Contact us at


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