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an Association of Christian Design Professionals

The mission of our Association of Christian Design Professionals (ACDP) is designing a world of hope for the physically and spiritually poor. To do that, we mobilize design professionals worldwide to donate professional services for development projects that serve the poor and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ACDP Principles

1. To use my time and talent to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ taken to the ends of the earth.

2. To present myself with integrity to my clients and to the professional community around me.

As we live out these values we become His ambassadors to our local communities and to our world. We endeavor to partner together to do this as a team. We act in compassion to see healing and hope come to the broken lives of those who live in and beyond our borders.

Join ACDP and be a part of the team.

Download an example of our monthly e-newsletter, featuring technical articles about our design work around the world.


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